Leading Distributor for Industrial Consumables & FMCG Products


Leading Distributor for Industrial Consumables & FMCG Products


Leading Distributor for Industrial Consumables & FMCG Products

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Cleaning is an important and inevitable aspect of life. But seldom we realize there is more to it than just removal of dirt. No matter what we clean- whether at home or at any industry or commercial establishments – it is about time we understood the damage we do in the process. We inflict injuries not only to our body and our overall health, but also to our immediate surroundings by excessive use of chemicals most of which are extremely toxic. 

we at Fixoll come up with an e-cleaners for industries, hospitals, commercial kitchens & homes that are powerful dirt busters, yet absolutely safe to the user and the environment. Marketed under the brand name, Fiki, they are customized for specific needs and stand out with their instant action.


What our clients say

Fiki is one of the best Cleaning products. The unique feature about the product is that it's chemical free, making it safe my customers. The fragrance of the product is pleasant and lasts long. What I love most about this product is the Cleaning effectiveness, making my facility absolutely Clean.. They have been Green Certified & ISO Certified. Highly recommended for Homes & Offices.
Emilia Clarke
Rooprekha Anchan
Owner - Meraki Beauty Studio For Women
Fixoll is one the best service providers for Cleaning products and Consumables. Like thier name , the unique feature about they is the look for all kinds of cleaning solutions required by the customer. They ensure they do a proper quality check , ensure the best is given to the clients. They are prompt and honest with thier sevice and timelines! Highly Recommended !!
Emilia Clarke
Shriya Dalvi
Founder- Aquuamarine
Working with Fixoll Enterprises is a pleasure. The level of organization, fairness, & detail which they bring while dealing helps both the company grow. We look forward to work with them for many more years. My best wishes are with them.
Emilia Clarke
Managing director- Satya Charith Enterprise

Why we’re different

We ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction by offering State of the Art Products & Services consistently in line with their requirement and affordability.

Contribution to Green City

My waste

My waste is the campain to convert City’s organic waste into fertiliser by advance method using Fiki bioculture and Natural Enzymes initiated by Fixoll.

Our Product The FIKI C17 Municipal Solid waste degrader (MSWD) is created in an organic way with Microbial based substances, quite unlike the several Solid waste degrader & odour neutralizers in today’s market which contains a plethora of chemicals. Being an organic degrader and strong odour neutralizer, this product does not pollute the space. We live in a world that is already polluted in some way or the other, and so we aim at not polluting it further by releasing more and more harmful chemicals in the air.

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