My Waste

My waste is the campain to convert City’s organic waste into fertiliser by advance method using Fiki bioculture and Natural Enzymes initiated by Fixoll.

Our Product The FIKI C17 Municipal Solid waste degrader (MSWD) is created in an organic way with Microbial based substances, quite unlike the several Solid waste degrader & odour neutralizers in today’s market which contains a plethora of chemicals. Being an organic degrader and strong odour neutralizer, this product does not pollute the space. We live in a world that is already polluted in some way or the other, and so we aim at not polluting it further by releasing more and more harmful chemicals in the air.

The purpose of our solid waste degrader and odour neutralizer is solely to nullify the bad odour that gets released by the bacterial waste, any composting materials or machine-based smokes. As bad odours cause an unhealthy atmosphere resulting in adverse conditions, the FIKI MSWD helps in providing a clean atmosphere by absorbing these bad odours through micro particles. It can be applied to degrade different types of organic matters.

Recognized by Government Authorities​