Fixoll Enterprises

Started in 2018, we represent and support some of the finest renowned companies in India for their products. Fixoll has come a long way to achieve its present status.

Fixoll is a Leading Distributor for Industrial Consumables & FMCG. Currently our stock includes Cleaning products, Food products, Tissue Papers and Customized Paper perfumes.

Our Cleaning product provides cleaning solutions for domestic & industrial/commercial segments. With its world-class R&D capabilities backed by renowned experts, it has pioneered a new concept in cleaning that selectively targets the dirt but with minimal/zero impact on the environment.

At Fixoll, we believe in supporting only high quality products that come with a right price tag to help us gain our customer’s belief. Over the time we have developed and maintain a large stock inventory so that we can meet our customer’s requirements in the least possible time.


"We seek to run our company to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct. We believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business."

- Mohammed Mazin

President and Chief Executive Officer

We care

We always look after and support everyone in the Fixoll family, because we care.

We're committed

We put our everything into all we do, to be the best that we can.

We empower

We understand the importance of empowering one another, as well as our clients.


To be reckoned as a trusted distributor of products that are effective, economical and eco-friendly to address the needs of individuals and industries across the world.

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